Order pies a day ahead, and cakes 3 days ahead  Ph 479-736-3030 or email

We will be serving a German/Russian meal soon. Check back for the date.

 email us at spoongentry@yahoo.com

Located on HWY 59 in Gentry, AR
Hours M - F 10:30 - 2:00
Friday Evenings 5:00 - 9:00


Conference Room available for up to 35 people

We are closed on major Holidays:

The week of Christmas Day through New Years Day 

Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following

 Memorial Day,
Good Friday,
Independence Day,

           Welcome to the 
          Wooden Spoon​

Our new building is actually an old building! Built originally as a horse barn in central Michigan prior to 1870. It was dismantled and moved to our location at 1000 South Gentry Blvd.
The beams were scrubbed and re erected exactly as they came down. Together with our architect Jim Kooistra  we designed and built the new building to compliment the old.
Come see us. We would love to serve you some great food. And don't forget dessert! 

          March Specials

Mon 2nd- Chicken Fried Chicken
Tues 3rd- Chicken Enchiladas
Wed 4h- Grilled Hamburgers
Thurs 5th -Baked Pork Chop
Fri 6th - Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Fri Eve -Babyback Ribs

Mon 9th - Chicken Fried Chicken
Tues 10th -Loaded Chopped Steak
Wed 11th - Grilled Hamburgers
Thurs 12th - Lasagna
Fri 13th - Almond Baked Chicken
Fri Eve -?

Mon 16th - Chicken Fried Chicken
Tues 17th - Creamy Chicken and Rice
Wed 18th - Grilled Hamburgers
Thurs 19th - Gourmet Chicken
Fri 20th - BBQ Meatballs
Fri Eve -Brisket, Chicken Fried Chicken

Mon 23rd - Chicken Fried Chicken
Tues 24th -Chicken Spaghetti
Wed 25th - Grilled Burgers
Thurs 26th - Grilled BBQ Chicken
Fri 27th - Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Fri Eve - Grilled Ribeye

Mon 30th - Chicken Fried Chicken
Tues 31st - Grilled Ham Steak

   Classic Club with Potato Salad
We now have a Catfish Plate everyday.

Every Friday night is catfish night. 2pc - 3pc or all you can eat